How to add timestamps to your video?

Why do I need timestamps?

Timestamps are a great way to lead your viewers to a specific place in your YouTube video. Instead of having to scroll forward to a particular time your viewer only needs to click on a link in your description. 

How do you put a timestamp on YouTube?

Simply open the video in tubics and add the chapters to the description in the following format:

00:00 - Chapter 1

00:47 - Chapter 2

01:08 - Chapter 3

20:47 - Chapter 4

62:19 - Chapter 5

As soon as you update your video the time codes will automatically link to the right point of time in your video. You will see that their color changed to blue and that they are now clickable.

Here’s an example of how timestamps look in a description: 

What are YouTube Video Chapters?

As of April 2020 YouTube introduced a new feature called “Video Chapters”. Video Chapters make timestamps even more important. Video chapters are automatically generated based on the timestamps you enter and will show in the video progress bar (aka the “video scrubber bar”) below your video. 

This is how YouTube chapters look in the progress bar:

How do you create Chapters on YouTube?

Simply include timestamps as described above in your video description and they should show up automatically in the video progress bar. If this is not the case this could have the following reasons:

  1. YouTube is just introducing this new feature and it hasn’t been rolled out to all channels yet. As of May 2020, the feature should be visible on Desktop and Android phones.
  2. In order to make chapters visible, you need to start your first timestamp with 00:00 and then add further chapters.

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