How to create a HAR file?

HAR, short for HTTP ARchive format tracks all the logging of an interaction with a web browser and a site. These files help with troubleshooting issues.

Providing Information to Support

1. Bring up the developer tools

  • Using Keyboard Shortcut (⌘⌥I on OS X, Ctrl + Shift + i on Linux, F12 on Windows)
  • Google Chrome: Menu at the top-right of your browser window, then select "More Tools" ---> "Developer Tools".

2. Navigate to the Network tab on the Development Tool mark "Preserve log" and disable cache

3. Refresh the page to start capturing the traffic between the browser to the server. 

4. Repeat the exact same steps that trigger or demonstrate your issue.

5. Right Click in the area where the network records are shown and select "Save as HAR with content".

6. Send the file to us via our chatbot or email.

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