How is the keyword search volume calculated?

Where do we get search volume from? 

Search Volume is pulled from Google Ads API data.

Why not from YouTube directly? Google shut its own official YouTube keyword tool in 2014 which was a great resource for content makers and managers looking to improve the SEO for their videos.

Nowadays, there is no official source for YouTube keywords search volume. The YouTube search volume numbers that can be found in certain tools are extrapolated and, based on our research, not representative.

How is search volume calculated?

The results for keyword search volume are presented as monthly averages over the past 12 months. 

Why is tubics search volume higher?

tubics displays a higher search volume than Google and other keyword tools. Here is why. 

Google by default displays Google data only. On other hand, our API includes Google AND Search Partners of Google.

So what are Search Partners? Unfortunately, there’s no full list of search partners. Examples are:

  • YouTube 
  • Amazon
  • Publishers like TheGuardian or NY Times using Google search technology for on-site search and PPC revenue

As you can see in the list, search partners include both Google AND YouTube. Hence, both traffic sources are relevant for your video being found.

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