What is user-management? 

The user-management feature was introduced at the end of Q3 2019 and is now available to all agency users of tubics. 

With the user-management feature, it is possible to add other users in order to co-manage your channel(s). The invited user has the same rights as the inviting user.

What are the benefits? 

  1. secure: you don't have to share your passwords or google account details;
  2. easy: two clicks to invite a user;
  3. time-saving: delegate optimization to other people.


Richard has a YouTube channel dedicated to personal growth&development. He is on an agency plan in tubics. He wants to hire a person to optimize YouTube videos for him. Once Richard finds the right person, he simply adds a new user in the account settings (user has to create tubics account). Now "the optimizer" is able to access Richard's channel and optimize videos for him through tubics.  

How many users can I add?

See Ricing Plans: OR

How to add users?

1. Click on the user icon top-right and head to "Account".

2. Type in the email of the user that you want to invite. After the invitee gets the invitation, he/she should create an account by following the link in the email. 

How to delete users?

By clicking the trash icon on the account page


How will the invitee be notified?

The invited users will see the invitation on their account page Additionally, invited users get an e-mail notification.

How can I switch to the channel(s) I got invited to?

You can switch between channels here:


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