When are changes from tubics seen in YouTube?

YouTube Studio has different intervals for the following pages when changes are displayed via tubics (i.e. via API):

  • YouTube Search Result Page
  • YouTube Studio Overview Page
  • YouTube Studio | Video Detail page

Changes on tubics are shown on the Search result page for public videos almost immediately after the update. If not, please clear the cache then you will see the changes. Unfortunately, this way of checking whether your changes have gone through is only possible for public videos.

For private, unlisted, and scheduled videos you need to go to YouTube Studio. Always make sure to clear your cache before you check on the updates. Even without a clean cache YouTube Studio often needs some time to display the changes you made. It might even take hours. Yet be sure it will be so.

Tags mostly get displayed faster than changes to the title and description. YouTube differentiates even between different parts of Studio:

  • The YT Studio Video Overview page is also usually updated a bit faster.
  • The Detail page of the video (= Editor page) takes longer to update.

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